SmartPlant® Design

Maximizing Design & Engineering Efficiency

Combining Expertise with Best-in-Class Software Tools

Burrow Global utilizes SmartPlant® Instrumentation Powered by INtools® (SPI), helping our clients to maximize design and engineering efficiency. Our experienced team helps clients determine what aspects of SPI are right for them and provides comprehensive services related to SPI implementation and administration including:

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Information Technology Services
  • Hardware, Software & Licensing Recommendations
  • Installation of software’s and Hardware
  • Database Backup
  • Assist in software upgrades
  • Import, Exporting and Merging Databases
  • Customize Intool.ini files
System Administration Procedures
  • Initialize, Create and manage Domains
  • Setup Domain definitions
  • Define Domain Administrators, Create departments and add users
  • Set up Plant Hierarchy, tag and loop naming conventions
  • Define groups, assign users and define access rights
  • Custom fields and table to the instrument index
  • Define Default units of measures
  • Configure User preferences
  • Setup default Instrument Index Standard Browser
  • Customize Profiles, Borders, Reports, supporting tables and Reference Explorer
  • Auditing existing databases for cleanup measures
  • Administration, creation and Data Entry of SPI databases onsite or remote
  • Customize specification forms
  • Provide Administrators and Users for short term and long term assignments
  • As-Built existing Installations and Commissioning Projects
  • Field verification walk downs
  • Create Loops and Instrument Tags
  • Create Junction Boxes, Marshaling
  • Control Systems: PLC, SIS and DCS
  • Complete wiring from field to DCS
  • Create Process Data, Calculation and Specifications, Provide reports
  • Evaluate training requirements
  • Offer targeted training courses to address the specific needs
  • Training courses performed on onsite or offsite
  • Basic Courses designed to have users productive.

Basic Courses Areas covered Include:

  • Launch and Logging in
  • Navigating in SPI
  • Domain Explorers
  • Reference Explorers
  • Enhanced Loop Drawings
  • Working with Modules
    • Browser
    • Index
    • Specifications
    • Wiring
    • Process Data
    • Calculation


SPI Picture 5SmartPlant® Instrumentation Powered by INtools® is a product of Intergraph®, a part of Hexagon. Burrow Global utilizes the commercially available software product.