Capital Cost Services

Minimize Capital Expenditure Risks
with Improved Planning & Accurate Estimating

Companies have limited capital budgets with many competing priorities leading to difficult choices about where to spend. Understanding these challenges, Burrow Global created a Capital Cost Services team to assist clients in improving capital budget management and enhancing project planning efforts. We support our clients in comprehensive CapEx planning, risk assessment and execution.
Using Standardization to Improve CAPEX Planning
Burrow Global’s Capital Cost Estimating Department leverages industry leading software tools and years of professional knowledge to help our clients make the most informed decisions possible.

For every project, it’s imperative estimates are thorough and accurate. In each FEL stage, companies should carefully analyze project risks and establish mitigation steps to reduce potential budget and schedule impact. How does Burrow Global’s Capital Cost Service team lower risks of scope creep and minimize unforeseen issues from derailing projects?

Execute With Consistent Work Process Using Industry Best Practices

Clear, repeatable FEL and estimating methodologies lower risks and improve estimate reliability.

Take Advantage of Software Tools

Experienced estimators use proven, industry-leading software to streamline the estimating process by taking advantage of reasonable estimating infrastructure already in place.

Use a Diverse, Multi-Discipline EPC Team

Adequate, knowledgeable input from all design or engineering disciplines, as well as procurement and construction personnel, is essential to development of a thorough, accurate estimate.

Perform High-Resolution Analysis of Potential Trouble Spots

When high-risk areas are identified, throwing contingency at the issue with a fix-it later mentality doesn’t work. More detailed evaluation and focused effort around potential project problems delivers a better estimate. Early knowledge of risk leads to optimized mitigation.

Collaborate with All Parties

Too many estimates are done by engineering companies with a disconnected from the end-user client and other parties such as vendors who will be involved in the project. An inclusive and collaborative approach provides improved estimate detail and an enhanced understanding of project risks and how to minimize them.

Burrow Global’s Capital Cost Services Project Advantages:

Accurate Estimating & Comprehensive Reporting

Accurate Estimating & Comprehensive Reporting


  • Improved TIC Estimate Accuracy
  • Reduced Project Risks
  • More Insightful Cost Tracking and Analysis
  • Consistent Estimating Methods Across All FEL stages
  • Enhanced Holistic View of Spend
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