Alliance Management

Alliance Management Delivers Better Results Across Your Project Portfolio

Approaching projects on a transactional basis is seldom beneficial to end-user companies. While there can be a short-term perception of cost savings, most times these prove to be unrealized and not sustainable over the entire project slate. Burrow Global’s Alliance Management Services solve this issue with an effective portfolio management system. We are alliance partners with many of our clients.

With a dedicated core alliance management team, our Burrow Global staff becomes an extended part of our client organizations

What is Portfolio Management? In simple terms, rather than handling a single project, we manage multiple projects and can step into various roles from strict project management to FEL execution to complete EPC turnkey services. Burrow Global’s role is defined based on where we add the most value to our client’s efforts. The alliance management approach utilizes steering committees and integrated teams with Executive Sponsors, Alliance Managers, and Site Managers in key roles. These management alliance committees set goals and review performance to ensure we are being good stewards of our clients’ capital.Participating from the earliest stages of planning, means our client’s leverage Burrow Global’s expertise to make informed decisions early that can lower the total installed cost across multiple projects. Disciplined stage gate deliverables are adhered to, making sure we don’t over-engineer at the beginning of the jobs. Burrow Global’s utilization of effective Total-Installed-Cost (TIC) reports tools is key to making this a success.

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Regular business meetings covering alliance reporting and KPI metrics allows the team to stay informed and resolve issues prior to significant cost impact

Advantages of Burrow Global Alliance Management

  • Core Alliance Team Enables Comprehensive Planning and Prioritization
  • Promotes Consistency & Expediency Across Projects
  • Leverages Continuous Learning for Efficiency Gains
  • Familiarity Reduces Project Risks, Lowers Costs
  • Single-Party Accountability
  • Added Flexibility in Contracting Strategy
  • More Insight Into Overall Spend
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