Specialty Chemicals

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Burrow  Global brings a broad spectrum of chemicals project experience
The specialty chemicals industry is very diverse with products ranging from adhesives, sealants and pigments to food or cosmetic additives. However, across specialty chemical operations core needs include regulatory and documentation compliance, consistent quality, fast batch cycles and improved product yields. The industry is focused on delivering high-value, premium products that meet individual customer needs.
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Specialty Chemicals

Burrow Global is knowledgeable of many specialty chemical processes and we start our dialogue with clients by understanding their larger operational goals.

Below are a few of our popular industry services

Control System Migrations

control systems migration
Automation system reliability and function are essential in any chemical plant but in specialty chemicals where recipes can change and modified production parameters from batch to batch may be required the control system performance is even more critical. Older legacy systems don’t always meet the agility needs of modern specialty chemical producers. Burrow Global Automation helps migrate batch control systems to modern platforms with optimized efficiency. We understand how to evaluate risk and minimize them so that the migration doesn’t impact tight production schedules and gets our specialty chemicals producing on-quality as soon as possible.

While we build our migration plans around each individual customer’s needs, we do so using proven methodologies to ensure we are delivering an exceptional and trouble free migration experience.

Control System Migrations Brochure

specialty chemicals industrial buildings

Industrial Buildings and Architecture

Specialty chemical operations must adapt to their customers’ needs. As a result, manufacturing facilities must sometimes be re-configured for process changes or to add capacity. Burrow Global has an industrial buildings and architecture team that can quickly deliver a turnkey design-build solution. Whether it is modifications to existing buildings or greenfield units, our team provides a seamless project from concept to operation. The advantage of our design-build approach is streamlined schedules, reduced re-work, and lower total building cost.

Industrial Buildings Brochure
Industrial Architecture Brochure

specialty chemicals modular design

Modular Design Concepts

Burrow Global’s process engineering team uses leading software technologies to perform process simulations. We help design and optimize specialty chemical units. With a full multi-discipline staff, we can follow the conceptual design by performing detailed engineering to deliver a packaged modular design concept our clients can leverage across multiple units and various locations. Always approaching our designs from an owner/operator perspective, we deliver process designs with improved long-term operability and maintainability.

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