Maximum Throughput, Consistent Quality and Reliable, Efficient Operations


Our team’s process experience is an asset because we don’t just execute projects,
we deliver the solutions you expect.

Petrochemicals is a mature industry. Core business drivers include maximizing throughput,
delivering consistent quality and maintaining reliable, efficient operations.


Burrow Global has a 35+ year legacy of EPC project success in petrochemicals with full EPC capabilities.

Below are a few of our petrochemical industry services

petrochemicals capitol cost

Capital Cost

On a macro level, our Capital Cost Services assist with CapEx Planning and Execution. We support our petrochemical clients with balancing the needs and priorities of multiple projects to deliver the most economical and best return-on-investment planning. On a per project basis, our Total Installed Cost (TIC) estimating provides the thorough and accurate cost analysis that enables our petrochemical clients to move forward with projects comfortable that they have the right budgets. Burrow Global’s multi-discipline team works collaboratively with our cost services staff to ensure that the details aren’t overlooked.

Capital Cost Brochure

petrochemicals FELs


Petrochemical industry clients don’t just think up a project today and execute it tomorrow. The industry demands that accurate scopes, schedules and budgets be established. Often this is done through a multi-stage FEL approach. Burrow Global has well-established FEL processes that help our petrochemical clients identify and mitigate project risks. Through comprehensive concept to operation design, “to stage” engineering analysis, and the incorporation of constructability reviews in early design efforts, Burrow Global streamlines schedules and project costs while maximizing the benefits of the stage gate process.

FELS Brochure

petrochemicals smart design and database management

SmartPlant® Design & Database Management

Our knowledge of petrochemical plants combined with our expertise in SmartPlant® software tools means we can create and maintain your site drawings and documentation in the most efficient way possible. Both Burrow Global’s project and plant services design and engineering teams leverage SmartPlant® tools for accurate and up-to-date drawings, which can be quickly modified for minimal costs.

Read more about our SmartPlant® Design

petrochemicals process safety and compliance

Process Safety Management

Process Safety management isn’t a one-time implementation, but an ongoing challenge for the petrochemical industry. At Burrow Global, we have comprehensive capabilities that help our clients achieve and sustain compliance in the most effective manner. We provide:

  • PHA leadership by trained HAZOP facilitators
  • PSM Procedure Development
  • PSV and Rupture Disk Design and Sizing
  • PSV Verification Audits
  • SLM Plan Development
  • LOPA Gap Analysis and Validation
  • SIS Implementation and Modification
  • Industrial Building Hardening, Relocation, Retrofit and Repurposing
  • Design and Construction of Safe Havens and Emergency Operations Centers

Our petrochemical industry experience means we are familiar with compliance standards, use the latest software tools and methodologies and support all of our customers PSM needs.

Process Safety Management Brochure

petrochemicals construction


Burrow Global’s construction team has delivered both greenfield and brownfield projects within the petrochemical industry. Our knowledge of the industry is essential to brownfield construction within the existing plant infrastructure. There is a nuance to integrating new piping within existing pipe racks, running new cable and tray in an already crowded space, and working safely within an operating plant environment. We leverage our industry experience to ensure that the job is done safely, delivered right the first time and without interruption to existing plant operations.

Construction Brochure
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