If we must choose between quality, schedule and cost, we choose QUALITY

Quality doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a combination of dedicated employees with the right tools and skill sets, attentive management, and a strong, clear quality program. Burrow Global strives to achieve error free engineering, procurement and construction deliverables every time.Quality

Our comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) defines our approach and is managed by a Senior Quality Manager. Within each office, Burrow Global has identified quality managers who work with project managers in various ways to assist in project specific quality program implementation and adherence.

Key parts of the Burrow Global QMS include:
  • On-going Employee Training
  • Standardized Workflows
  • Quality Checklists and Forms
  • Quality Audits
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement

Burrow Global’s Quality Process starts in the early stages of design and isn’t complete until our client is operating and satisfied.

Prioritizing Quality with a Thorough QMS Program
Some of our critical Quality Assurance and Quality Checking Steps:
  • Development of a project specific QA/QC Plan
  • Conceptual review of all plans and technical design documentation
  • Team design reviews
  • Drawing and specification crosschecks
  • Equipment specification reviews
  • Constructability and operability reviews
  • Hazardous Operation review
  • Code/Programming internal function testing
  • Recovery plans for any production quality issues
Burrow Global Quality Brochure
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