Safety Instrumented System Action Items

Industry: Chemicals

Location: Houston, TX (HNO)

Client Benefits: SIS Design for PHA/LOPA Action Items, Completed 8% below Budget.

Project Drivers & Client Challenges:
One of the biggest challenges with this project was getting technical buy in from the client’s SME. This SME had caused delays and re-work in previous efforts to address the outstanding PHA/LOPA action items. Another challenge was the layout of the plant. The plant is very dense, and made even small modifications difficult.

Burrow Global Scope of Supply:

  • Automation
  • Engineering

Scope Description: 
Client identified action items that will mitigate the safety and environmental risk for its Houston, Texas plant. For this project, the client focused on items with a risk ranking of four or five, and that involved Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).

Burrow Global was selected as the alliance partner in the effort to resolve the SIS action items. Engineering and design staffing were utilized with the goal of providing FEL 2 deliverables for all action items.

The key objective of the project was to determine the design, and estimate the cost to implement the identified action items. The purpose of this project was to:

  • Define the scope of work to bring the high risk items into compliance
  • Develop a +/- 30% cost estimate for the scope of work.
  • Creation and validation of conceptual SIF design
  • Integration of PRD/PUS definition with corresponding SIS definition to achieve risk reduction with least cost solutions.

The detailed scope includes:

    • Conceptual Design Package – Issued for Design
      • Summary
      • Sketch
      • Redline P&IDs
      • Calculations and Models (as applicable)
      • Instrument Index
      • Cause and Effect
      • Data Sheets
      • Develop field scope of work
    • Total Installed Cost ±30%, ICARUS based report
    • Schedule

Key Words:
Design, Engineering, Automation, PHA/LOPA, Chemical