Production Line Addition

Industry: Petrochemicals

Location: Port Allen, Louisiana

Client Benefits: Capacity Expansion

Project Drivers & Client Challenges:
This project was driven by a need to add a new product line to flow from the East tank Farm to a new Filler Bowl inside the Manufacturing Building. The challenge for this project was the engineering design had to account for minimizing interruptions to existing operations during the new construction.

Burrow Global Scope of Supply:

  • Detail Engineering Design
  • Piping
  • Civil/Structural Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • E/I Disciplines

Scope Description:
Burrow Global provided Detailed Engineering Design, Piping and Process Engineering to add a flow line for a new product in an existing manufacturing building.

This project added piping for the new product from the storage tanks to the Filler Bowl. New piping, PSVs, automated valves, pig stations, filters, exchangers, manifolds, equipment support structures, miscellaneous pipe supports, etc. were required. Longer radius pipe bends were required for the piggable lines.

The project was executed without incident.

Key Words:
Petrochemicals, Detail Engineering, PSVs, Automated Valves, Pumps