Plant Process Safety Management Compliance

Industry: Chemicals

Location: Houston, Texas

Client Benefits: Compliance with PSM standards and improvement in safety and reliability of relief systems.

Project Drivers & Client Challenges:
This project was driven by a need to meet OSHA PSM  compliance to have all relief systems revalidated and documented.

Burrow Global Scope of Supply:

  • Process Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil/Structural Engineering
  • Piping Design

Scope Description: 
Project consisted of multiple stages broken down by individual operating unit. Primary tasks included collecting all applicable data available for each protected system and performing a scenario analysis to verify applicable relief scenarios. After verifying scenarios, calculations  were performed to revalidate the sizing and design of Pressure Relief Valves and flare header piping. A list of deficiencies was then compiled and recommendations presented to correct the issues. Red lined P&IDs, isometrics and any required Civil/Structural drawings were prepared to perform +/- 30% TIC  estimate.

The detailed scope includes:

  • Collection all applicable data for protected equipment.
  • Perform a scenario analysis for each piece of protected equipment.
  • Perform sizing calculations for each applicable scenario to determine the required area and inlet and discharge pressure drops.
  • Create table of all deficiencies and recommendations to correct the issues.
  • Prepare red lined P&IDs and create preliminary isometrics to show routing and required lengths of piping to meet recommendations.
  • Prepare preliminary drawings of any non-standard pipe supports and new or modified structural steel.
  • Prepare  +/- 30% TIC estimate.

Key Words:
PSM Compliance, Pressure Relief Valves, Rupture Disks, PRD, PSV, PSE, RD, Flare header.