Integrated Team Design and Engineering

Industry: Chemicals

Location: Pasadena, Texas

Client Benefits: Client added new equipment which expanded production capacity. Project was completed before shutdown and on schedule with the added scope

Project Drivers & Client Challenges:

  • Capacity expansion new equipment
  • Three different companies working on the project at the same time 
  • All the work was going into an existing building with existing process equipment to work around
  • Working with client to optimize field routing of new wiring & conduit
  • Walking down demo with client

Burrow Global Scope of Supply:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Piping Design
  • Civil/Structural Engineering
  • Instrument/Electrical Engineering

Scope Description:

Burrow Global established direct communication with the other two companies working on the project to expedite collaboration and improve results. Burrow Global’s responsibilities included design and engineering of mechanical, piping, civil/structural and I&E scopes.

Our team field verified spacing of existing piping and structure, then notified client of additional work needed to complete the task. We modeled existing piping and new piping to verify spacing and accessibility of valves.

Our detailed documentation included the following:

  • Red-lined P&ID’s, line list, tie-point list, tie-point photos, tie-point location plans, isometrics
  • Civil location plans, section, and details
  • Structure location plans, sections, and details for additional pipe supports
  • Loop drawings
  • Motor schematic
  • New PLC specification and drawings
  • Location drawings
  • Spec sheets
  • Detail drawings
  • Conduit routing details
  • Demo drawings and instructions for all old equipment and junction boxes

Key Words:
Design, Engineering, Chemical Industry, Piping