Grassroots Vitamin Manufacturing

Industry: Specialty Chemicals

Location: Pasadena, Texas

Client Benefits: Streamlined Time to Production for International Manufacturer supplying the US Market

Project Drivers & Client Challenges:
Construction of chemical complex buildings under extreme deadlines to facilitate fast-track production.
Much of the engineering was sourced in Japan and Pacific areas.

Burrow Global Scope of Supply:

  • BGS provided construction only, of all buildings
  • Foundations, Process Piping, Process Structure and I/E were by others

Scope Description:

Burrow Global’s project scope consisted of constructing a grassroots chemical complex including 14 buildings.

Burrow Global provided all elements of construction except lab furniture and equipment, specialty casework, electrical switchgear, and blower equipment. Below are brief descriptions of each building:

Administrative/Technical Building (15,375 square feet): Single story; Class A steel structure with substantial glass and brick veneer; single-ply roof. Interior build-out as Class A offices, executive suite, conference room and several technical labs.

Gate House (425 square feet): Small pre-engineered metal building; substantial glass; uni-sex restroom; training/video room for safety orientation.

Production Building (24,400 square feet): Large single story pre-engineered metal building with standing seam roof; 18-foot eave height and 34-foot high-bay area. Multi-functional space utilization with product manufacturing; clean rooms, spaces for manufacturing and laboratories; shipping offices; change room/locker facilities; new product warehousing and inventory control.

Shipping/Receiving Warehouse (5000 square feet): Pre-engineered metal building with standing seam roof. Interior warehouse space and covered truck loading docks.

Sub Stations (Main 5730 square feet and Secondary 900 square feet): Masonry construction and single ply roof. Building houses MCC electrical equipment and electrical distribution panels.

I/O Building (520 square feet): Masonry building; standing seam roof; with raised access flooring for underfloor feed of electrical power and switchgear.

Inverter Building (410 square feet): Masonry structure with built-up roof and self-contained 25 ton HVAC for housing electrical inverter control panels for the plant.

Separator Building (1030 square feet): Pre-engineered building with standing seam roof, monorails and wall-mounted exhaust equipment. Building houses mechanical equipment for adjacent process units.

Blower Building (2500 square feet): Pre-engineered building with standing seam roof; overhead cranes; roof mounted exhaust units. Houses mechanical equipment for adjacent process units.

Parts Storage Building (1175 square feet): Pre-engineered building utilized for miscellaneous parts warehousing and inventory control.

Lube Storage Building (1175 square feet): Pre-engineered building utilized for storage of lubrication products used in the plant.

Purification Building (36500 square feet): Exterior metal sheathing and roof; secondary structural components; wall mounted exhaust fans and louvers with translucent wall bands. Interior build-out of elevator and stairwell shafts and clean rooms with associated mechanical equipment and pressurization; all built around a 4 story Class A structure. Low eave height of building is approximately 102 feet above finished floor.

M.A. Shed (1030 square feet): Metal roof sheathing on an open sided Class A structure.

Controlled Access Security System: Controlled access security system for specific buildings and areas of plant site. System includes computer software, electrical and magnetic locking devices, card readers, etc.

Key Words:
Specialty Chemicals, Industrial Buildings, Building Construction