Train Rails and Drainage System Replacement

Industry: Chemicals

Location: Geismar, Louisiana

Client Benefits: Replacement of Aging Train Rails and Drainage System

Project Drivers & Client Challenges:
This project was driven by a need to replace deteriorating rails and crossties at the facility's rail car loading area. The challenge was reworking the ground to slope to the existing swales.

Burrow Global Scope of Supply:

  • Detail Engineering Design
  • Civil/Structural Disciplines
  • Electrical Disciplines

Scope Description:
Burrow Global provided Detailed Engineering Design and Civil Structural Design along with Electrical Disciplines to replace aging train rails and drainage systems.

New concrete crossties and rails were installed and the drainage system was updated. New curbed concrete pads were installed between the new rails to catch any spills that might occur while loading railcars. The area around the new rails was reworked to slope to existing swales. New grounding was installed with the new rails.

The project was executed without incident.

Key Words:
Railcar Loading Area, Detail Engineering, Drainage Systems, Grounding Installation