Burrow Global MAC Model Article Published in Hydrocarbon Processing

In May 2017, industry-leading magazine Hydrocarbon Processing® published an article by Burrow Global employees, Jason Savoie and Nigel James. The article titled Embracing MACs: A better way of executing automation projects continues Burrow Global’s history as a knowledge leader in automation and highlights why our Main Automation Contractor (MAC) approach is successful.

Historically, automation projects are executed as single transaction projects. Individual projects, and often phases within a given project, are bid with the potential for new vendors and different engineering teams. When the in-house automation teams of owner companies had abundant resources, they were able to participate in and manage these projects to bring consistency and standardization, while also leveraging the lessons learned from previous projects. The landscape changed when end-user organizations streamlined staffing. The historical execution model continued but significant issues became evident, including:

  1. Impracticality of in-house staff both managing and executing these projects and still performing their many other job responsibilities.
  2. Project implementation methodologies and execution philosophies varied among vendors, integrators and engineering companies, driving inconsistency.
  3. The constant churn of project teams lost the ability to incorporate adaptive learning into subsequent projects meaning the same execution problems repeatedly plagued projects.

The response to these issues for some organizations has been the MAC model. But are all MACs the same? And how do end-user organizations implement MACs for the greatest benefit?

Read Embracing MACs: A better way of executing automation projects to learn more about how to find success with MACs or contact us for more information.