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BGM is an engineering service provider that supports Onshore, Oil & Gas projects across the US with a focus on projects "Outside the fence" of the Refining market. Our specialty services are focused on Pipeline and Pipeline Facilities, Survey & Mapping, and Processing Facilities. Basically, we serve the industry from the Wellhead to a Point-of-Sale, and our expertise functions across markets:

  • Upstream – gathering systems, storage, compression, well pad stabilization facilities
  • Midstream – Regulated Transmission and Non-regulated Pipeline transportation, Liquid and Gas Facilities (Pump Stations and Compressor Stations), Tank Farms and Storage Terminals, Loading and Unloading Terminals via Truck, Barge, or Rail.
  • Downstream/Petrochem – LPG and Chemical pipelines and facilities, recycle facilities


Who is Burrow Global Midstream?


Saji Samuel

Saji Samuel
Senior Vice President
Saji Samuel has over 20 years of experience in the petroleum liquid and natural gas hydrocarbon industries. He joined Burrow Global in 2015 to lead the start-up of the midstream engineering division. Samuel has been responsible for EPC on midstream projects for Burrow Global. Samuel will also have BGM profit and loss responsibilities, and he will continue to focus on the needs of the midstream market, working with the BGM team.
Girish Sandhane

Girish Sandhane
Vice President,
Manager of Projects
Sandhane has approximately 30 years of experience in the oil and gas, power, and OEM industries. He has extensive experience in EPC project management for oil and gas processing plants. Sandhane will oversee the midstream processing facilities service portfolio, working to drive market growth and deliver best-in-class project execution to BGM clients.
Kyle Beverding

Kyle Beverding
Vice President,
Design and Survey
Beverding has over 16 years of experience in the midstream/upstream markets. His primary focus at BGM will be to grow and oversee the multidiscipline design team. Beverding will also be responsible for expanding the in-house survey group to address the needs of the midstream/upstream market, ensuring survey data is efficiently integrated into engineering and design per client standards.

Jeff Durand

Jeff Durand
Vice President,
Manager of Engineering
Durand has more than 16 years of experience in the onshore midstream/upstream and oil and gas transportation markets. He has held key engineering management positions within Midstream consulting engineering firms. Durand’s primary focus at BGM will be to oversee the operations and drive the growth of BGM’s market share relating to pipeline and terminal projects.

Downstream Engineering Design
100+ Years
Combined Experience
2000+ Miles
FERC Regulated Pipelines
3000+ Miles
of Non-Regulated DOT pipelines

Why Burrow Global Midstream

Improve schedule and reduce late-stage design changes with our integrated Engineering, Surveying & Construction team
Focused Safety-in-Design throughout all project phases to identify and address hazards and risks for a safe installation
Efficient project execution with advanced work processes and proven systems
Achieve first time right quality and eliminate re-work using best-in-class implementation tools to share real-time data throughout the project lifecycle

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