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Burrow Global Companies
6200 Savoy Dr. | Suite 800
Houston, TX 77036

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At Burrow Global, we retain a full time staff of licensed and LEED certified architects. We provide architectural services to industrial and commercial clients nationwide:

  • Site planning, development and infrastructure for buildings.

  • Facility siting studies and impact analyses.

  • Building layout and programming.

  • Integrated automation layout and design.

  • Planning and budgeting estimates.

  • Building information modeling (BIM), the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle.

  • Building hardening studies and detailed design.

  • Building and perimeter security/monitoring systems.

  • Fully detailed building construction packages for administration/office buildings, control rooms, operator shelters, remote instrument enclosures, warehouses, maintenance buildings, equipment enclosures, security buildings and gate houses.

  • Blast resistant building design, modular and conventional.

At Burrow Global, we provide full coverage for our clients’ architectural needs to plan and execute their building projects.

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